I’m a technologist and writer who believes that we need to build a layer of software and research specific features to counter the harms of big tech


About me

🤔 Six years ago, I started worrying about how much time we’d all started spending online.
👨‍💻 So I quit my job, taught myself to code and began working on tools like Nudge to help people reduce their addiction to the internet.
🏢 In July 2021, Facebook banned me for life for creating Unfollow Everything. 12,500 people used the tool to get rid of their Facebook addiction before I had to take it down.
📝 I’m now working on turning Nudge into a research tool to understand how specific addictive features, such as infinite scroll and recommendations, make us act and feel.


💼 Aside from my work building software to counter the harms of big tech, I’ve done a few different things.
🛠️ As a product manager and developer, I’ve been co-founder of multiple SaaS startups, including Stacker, a no code tool that makes complex apps from Airtable and Google Sheets, and Cloakist, which I exited in March 2022.
🖱️ As a marketer, I’ve consulted for the CEOs of startups like Eve Sleep, City Pantry, Steward and YPlan.
🏦 Before working in tech, I worked as an M&A analyst at Goldman Sachs.