I’m working on 12 Challenges to make the internet a bit better

I’m a technologist and writer who believes that we need more interoperability to create tools that give people control back over Big Tech platforms — and that we’d better do this fast, because AI is only increasing Big Tech’s power over its users

Three things I care about

1️⃣ Giving people tools to control the Big Tech platforms they use
2️⃣ Making all software and hardware interoperable, regardless of Big Tech’s legal barriers
3️⃣ The ways AI might affect human-computer interaction, and what that means for Big Tech

About me

🤔 8 years ago, I started worrying about Big Tech’s power over our lives.
👨‍💻 So I quit my job, taught myself to code and began working on tools like Nudge to help people use the internet in ways that work for them.
🏢 In July 2021, Facebook banned me for life for creating Unfollow Everything. 12,500 people used the tool to manage their Facebook usage before I had to take it down.
⚖️ In May 2024, Ethan Zuckerman launched a suit against Facebook for the right to create Unfollow Everything 2.0.
📝 I’m now working on various bits and pieces: advising a large foundation on its tech strategy, writing at 12 Challenges.

In the news



💼 Aside from my work building software to counter the harms of big tech, I’ve done a few different things.
🛠️ As a product manager and developer, I’ve been co-founder of multiple SaaS startups, including Stacker, a no code tool that makes complex apps from Airtable and Google Sheets, and Cloakist, which I exited in March 2022.
🖱️ As a marketer, I’ve consulted for the CEOs of startups like Eve Sleep, City Pantry, Steward and YPlan.
🏦 Before working in tech, I worked as an M&A analyst at Goldman Sachs.