Louis Barclay


  • A new kind of phone case called an antiphone case, which encourages its users to use their phones less
  • A voting board for people to upvote disclosures they’d like from Big Tech companies
  • Versions of my browser extension Nudge targeting specific sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, since extensions that focus on one site tend to grow better (based on my experience developing Unfollow Everything)
  • A GitHub repository (or similar) of legal threats that independent developers have received from Big Tech
  • A series of articles exploring how AI is going to affect the ad business model of Big Tech
  • A totally web-based DAW for making music
  • An open source version of Freedom and other website blockers
  • A place for creative ethical technologists to hang out
  • A relaunch of the satirical magazine I set up in my early 20s, called Underground Magazine — except this time round, focus on the underserved world of tech satire
Last updated 26-February-2024